House & Home Cleansing Techniques

House and home cleansings can be done for many reasons. I am not talking about the typical spring cleaning, but an energetic one to remove negative and stagnant energy, energetic debris, earth energy lines that can cause harm and damage, electromagnetic wave interference from appliances, and even spiritual entities that feed off of energy spots. It sounds like a lot and can be confusing, but I will explain a few simple ways to cleanse your home by yourself.

For a general and easy way to remove stagnant and negative energy, you can work with a basic smudge stick made of sage. Smudge sticks ca be combined with other herbs as well, but you want to make sure to have the majority of this be a sage combination or pure sage. Light the end of the smudge stick, carefully and gently blow out the flame until the stick is burning through the sage and a generous amount of smoke is coming through. Walk around the entire inside perimeter of your home blowing the smoke into all corners and around all entryways such as windows and doors. Using a white feather allows this process to fan the smoke into such corners with the purity of animal’s spirit.

Crystal smudging can also be done using Marcasite. You can charge a smudge stick with this crystal vibrational frequency before smudging your home. If you wish to strictly work with the crystal smudging, you can charge a bottle of purified water with Marcasite for 24 hours and gently mist all areas of your home, making sure to get into corners above and below, as well as entry ways to your home.

Sound vibrational frequency can also be used for home cleansing with Tibetan singing bowls. Each bowl has its own vibrational frequency and depending on the needs of the home and the vibrational intent behind them, you should use the appropriate bowl for this particular session.

A few other simple ways to help cleanse and clear an area are: placing rock salt in the corners of each room after a cleansing session to help integrate the energy work that was completed, using incense, placing wind chimes throughout the home, lighting candles, having water foundations flowing, and many more. All of these tings keep an energetic flow throughout your home and this keeps the energetic debris from building up. Remember to at least provide your home with a cleansing every month to keep things fresh and flowing.