Building Narrow Homes That Look Larger

An essential feature of building a home upon a narrow lot is that it will have to be small. Tiny lots of land can often be used to create fantastic homes, which offer you an attractive alternative to the many show-room homes which often give the impression of a cardboard cut-out of the homes around them. If you are unwilling to move into a house which looks the same as the rest on the estate, then purchasing a narrow lot and using narrow block house designs to create a modern home could be the answer you are looking for.

In the narrow lot, homes sometimes run the risk of being too small to allow light to travel through the house. Home designers can make a serious mistake by not looking at the size of windows and conservatories when designing narrow lot house plans, as these can create a real difference to the appearance of a home. Natural light will always make a house look bigger and more superior to the rest, and if you have to build a multi-storey home in order to get all the space you need, it will still be necessary to incorporate lots of windows and skylights into the narrow block house designs. Balancing the demands of living space and adequate lighting can be difficult, but a professional designer should be able to work within these two areas to bring in a natural compromise.

Any customized narrow block house designs will also have to include the opinions of the builders. Finding the right builder to create your narrow house is just as important as finding the perfect designer for the home, because without it you will be struggling to get the building right. Builders can offer their opinions about the right materials to use in order to maximize light in the home, for example, and they will also be able to offer advice on other features designed to bring more light into the home.

Builders can also create magic with your narrow lot house plans. The ideas on paper might be good, but the builder could find problems with the angle of a stairwell, or the installation of particular skylights. They can also offer alternatives to your storage space solutions, since this will be at a premium in a small or narrow house. The cupboards can be built into recesses in the stairs, for example, or placed so that they don’t block the angle of light coming into the home. This can be worked out in the narrow block house designs, but only by employing a builder who is able to work on those designs and adjust them when necessary will you be able to create a narrow house without compromises.